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Flick Training

Flick Training is proud to be WA owned and operated and to be Flick Enterprises inaugural franchise company.At Flick Training we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality real estate agents and property management training programs available, meeting industry needs and complying with all regulatory guidelines; offering measurable results from training.

The integration of Training and Learning is paramount at Flick. We focus facilitating learning and development for the person, help them to identify, inspire to and take steps toward fulfilling their own personal unique potential. In simple terms:

Training belongs to the trainer- the organisation

Learning belongs to the learner- significant differences

At Flick we realise that training is seen as mostly a chore, they do it because they were made to attend, but learning is something that people pursue by choice at their own cost and time – it’s a personal development. Our inclusive training methods transfer the knowledge (training) to help individuals reach their personal potential.

Exclusivity:   is where the learning process really” takes on” development. Inclusively is about understanding and catering for different needs, resources and potentials of the learners. As trainers we aware of our attitudes and beliefs and how they impact on the way in which we interact. Flick encourages the following:

  • Develop ground rules for participation and behaviour
  • Encourage learners to express themselves
  • Encourage learners to express their needs
  • Model a positive attitude toward difference
  • Use multi-sensory learning materials
  • Use appropriate and relevant learning materials

Mentoring is another efficient method of training and is a proven and effective way of solving individuals’ needs and concentrates on the learning subject, to guide them toward successful and profitable outcomes. So if you /your staff have recurring problems with performance, running low on motivation or got a particular gap in your/their skill set that needs filling or improving, then Mentoring could be your solution.

Accountability: This is where we feel many training sessions and one day seminars fall short of their promises.

With accountability, you get better results, improved teamwork and clarity. Without it, you get blame, finger-pointing, missed sales and low morale. Our training methods have systems in place that improves individual and organisational performance. Benefits can be:

  • Builds an accountability culture within your organisation
  • Improves results and morale among team members
  • Teaches the importance of keeping agreements and ownership.

The accountability cycle presented is as follows:

The Before phase: responsibility – take ownership of the task and being responsible for getting it done

The During phase: empowerment – doing whatever is necessary to complete the task in the time line and steps required.

The After phase: owning the outcome - of the task, acknowledging it and learning from the experience.

  • The follow-up this ensures that participants learn to:
  • Empower themselves to their agreement
  • Hold others accountable
  • Be accountable without being defensive
  • Learn from mistakes
  • Ensure that tasks are owned and clearly defined

Packages can be tailored to your requirements and we would welcome any enquiries you have.