What we do for our fee

  1. We present you with a Professional Market Opinion for your property.
  2. We advise and recommend the marketing strategy which best suits your needs and helps you sell your property for the best price, in the shortest time and with the least inconvenience to you.
  3. We advise you on the best marketing plan for your property, we write your ads, schedule and arrange their placement to ensure optimum buyer enquiry.
  4. We lead you through the document nightmare to make sure you are legally prepared to place your property on the market.
  5. If necessary, We can recommend a Settlement Agent, Finance Advisor and tradespeople.
  6. We advise you on the presentation of your property, so it creates a favourable first impression on potential purchasers.
  7. We handle all queries and questions about the property.
  8. We hold controlled showings of your property to ensure all potential purchasers have an opportunity to see your property.
  9. We organise special appointments for those who are unable to attend the open for inspections (at your convenience and with adequate notice).
  10. We present you with a clear understanding of our fees.
  11. We can help you to find another property to purchase.
  12. We organise photography for your property for marketing purposes.
  13. We organise the installation of a signboard and its removal on the successful settlement of your property.
  14. We write a detailed description of your property for my sales colleagues.
  15. We display your property attractively on all the major internet web sites.
  16. We organise the sales team to familiarise themselves with the features and benefits of your property.
  17. We write at least 3 creative and inspiring ads for your property and an editorial story for the local paper (publication is at their discretion). Prepare and edit material for promotional brochures.
  18. Provide a professionally equipped modern office as a base for the marketing of your property. 
  19. Provide a team of well trained salespeople / real estate agents to convert buyer enquiry to a sale.
  20. Provide a secure government regulated trust account for the safe keeping of monies involved in the transaction of your property.
  21. Provide an indemnity and guarantee fund for your protection.
  22. Provide access to a data base of purchasers, including investors who may be interested in purchasing your property.
  23. Provide a professional, trained receptionist to answer enquiries on your property and pass them on to trained salespeople.
  24. We follow-up conscientiously all prospective purchasers.
  25. Redirect enquiry from other properties (when unsuitable) to yours.
  26. Interview, screen and qualify potential buyers to determine, if they are able to purchase your property.
  27. Eliminate unqualified or merely curious buyers, to avoid inconveniencing you.
  28. Keep you up-to-date with information affecting the sale of your property with regular reports.
  29. Provide 24 hour, 7 days a week service to you and potential buyers.
  30. Provide transport to and from your property for qualified potential purchasers, should they require it.
  31. Ensure inspections of your property are conducted with the least inconvenience to you and keeping security of your property in mind at all times.
  32. Provide all documentation for the completion of necessary contracts for the sale.
  33. Negotiate with purchasers to ensure the highest possible price is attained for you.
  34. Advise you on the suitability of any offers.
  35. Submit all written offers for your consideration.
  36. Provide potential purchasers with advice on where to go for finance.
  37. Check the contract of sale and complete all necessary paperwork prior to signing by purchaser, to ensure all documentation is legally binding
  38. Instruct both parties’ settlement agents that sale has taken place and provide documentation (where required).
  39. Conduct the necessary inspections prior to settlement.
  40. Forward monies from trust account appropriately, when authorised.
  41. Remain informed and keep you informed of the progress of your transaction from exchange to settlement.
  42. Provide and organise all stationery, postage, photocopies, telephone calls and transport required to complete the sales transaction.
  43. Present you with a “Things to Do” list to help you plan your relocation.
  44. Hand over the keys to the new owner when the property settles.